The Board Store Furniture Showroom has the Best Selection of Motion Furniture in La Crosse, WI

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If you are looking for any style of recliner, you must see all of the possibilities available in The Board Store Furniture Showroom in La Crosse, Wisconsin. You can choose from among manual recliners, power recliners, or the unique battery-operated recliners that allow you to place your chair in the open with no ugly cord draped across the floor. Recliners are available in traditional style or the sleek 31-inch style that provides amazing comfort in a much smaller space than most other recliners. Enjoy smooth operation of the manual models or the effortless function of a power recliner. Most models are available as a lift chair as well, assuring you this helpful function in a stylish chair. These chairs come in beautiful top grain Italian leather as well as a selection of fabric upholstery.

There are almost limitless choices of sofas, loves seats, and sectional sofas. You can choose from in-stock pieces or create the piece that fits your space. Choose the color and choose which seats you want to recline. Sit in a variety of pieces until you find your comfort zone and then choose the options that fit your taste. With the quality provided by our premium manufacturers, you will enjoy your recliner or recliner sofa for many years to come so it is worth your time to “test drive” before you invest.

If you are looking for a great chair, you will find it here. If you are ready for a whole new room, you will find a grand selection of complementary chairs, sofas, end tables, coffee tables, lamps, entertainment cabinets, and more.

Treat yourself to a visit and see for yourself that great quality at a fair price continues at The Board Store Furniture Showroom at 524 Copeland Avenue in La Crosse, WI.